Customer service platform that automates your work and fuels your sales.


Suggest your product or service directly in the chat. Set and track sales goals. Engage with visitors stuck at checkout. Upsell by offering complementary products.


Chat is packed with features designed to skyrocket your customer satisfaction. Assist your customers the moment they need it. Have all the customer data right in front of you. Get feedback on how you perform


Turn ChatBot on to automate and scale your customer service in seconds. Set up automatic greetings and chat routing to improve your workflow and save time.


  • Increase Sales

    Live chatting will speed up your customer service and positively impact your sales. Use LiveChat to assist your visitors exactly when they need it. This means more purchases and a higher average order value

  • Solve customer problems in a Flash

    Instant answers in real-time. LiveChat is the fastest way to help your customers. And they’ll feel it, too

  • Reduce Cost

    One live chat agent can talk with several customers at a time and still retain the same high customer satisfaction rates. This added efficiency will reduce your overall spend on customer service.

  • Build Stronger Relationships

    chat is a personal, non-intrusive form of contact. You'll be able to connect better with your customers and build their trust. And that trust will fuel your business over time.

  • Boost Your Credibility

    Adding Chat to your website adds credibility. Your visitors will instantly know there are real people on the other side ready to help at any moment.

  • Make Your Customer Happy

    Customers who chat are much more satisfied with a brand's customer service than those who email or call. Reach a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score as high as 97%!

  • Be Proactive

    Engage with your website visitors any time you want. See a customer having trouble making a payment?Reach out and give them a hand!

  • Manage Your Team

    Keep track of your customer service and sales team performance. Our extended reports and supervision features give you all the data to boost your teams' productivity.

  • Data Security

    We take the security of your data very seriously. From data encryption, access restrictions, and 2-step verification to GDPR compliance, HIPAA readiness and Privacy Shield Certification. We've got you covered.

  • Connect With Other Tools

    Easily add your favorite tools to Chat, choose from 170+ integrations. Create the ultimate customer-centric experience. You can even build your own LiveChat extensions from scratch.