Streamline your payment collections with recurring payments software.

Save time and increase cash flow with recurring payments and automated billing.

Features crafted to power your subscription billing

Gives you a comprehensive set of powerful tools to ensure you get every penny you deserve from the audience you’ve built.

Subscription Lifecycle Management

Create, manage, pause, cancel, reactivate and extend subscriptions with ease. Handle upgrades and downgrades at any point in the billing cycle. Keep customers engaged with automated emails throughout the journey

HighLighted Features

  • Flexible Product Catalog

    Experiment with our flexible 'plans and addons' product catalog until you the find the best way to monetize your offering.

  • Automated Addons

    Automatically include addons with a specific plan when there's a plan activation or change. Offer the right upsell at the right time with recommended and mandatory addons.

  • Trial Management

    Manage trials and any unexpected edge case it may throw at you. Customize trial periods, extend trials indefinitely, automate trial ending reminder emails and offer free/paid trials.

  • Subscription Order Management

    Streamline operations for your eCommerce with our Recurring Orders. Automatically generate, schedule and manage subscription orders within us.

  • Segmented Email Notifications

    Using Email Notifications, emails can be triggered for subscription, recurring payments & invoice, customer retention and self-service related events to specific segments of customers.

  • Discounts & Coupons

    Create and track one-time, unlimited, or time-defined coupons easily, and drive more revenue. Choose between percentage and flat-fee discounts. Generate bulk coupon codes to run successful campaigns.

  • Gift Subscriptions

    Up your subscribers with what is an easy and economical customer acquisition tool — gift subscriptions. Allow the gift sender to append a personalized message with the gift and schedule it for an occasion. Set up single-step gift claims and one-click extensions, and acquire more recipients

Recurring Billing

  • Customizable Billing cycles

    Customize recurring billing cycles any way you want to. Don't restrict yourself to traditional monthly and yearly cycles.

  • Recurring Invoices

    Automate your recurring invoicing. Tailor invoices with the right share of clarity, security and compliance.

  • Advance Invoices

    With b2w techs’s custom invoices feature, plan and budget better by raising invoices a pre-set number of days in advance of the subscription renewal date.

  • Prorated Payments

    Adjust bill amounts to accomodate mid-cycle upgrades/downgrades. Reflect changes in MRR instantly with accurate real-time metrics.

  • Quotes

    Send a Proforma Invoice for approval to let a potential buyer carry out their internal purchase approval processes before they commit to the purchase.

  • Consolidated Invoicing

    Consolidate charges in a single invoice to send to a customer with multiple subscriptions. Or when the payment for all subscriptions within an organization has to go out to the person in charge of payments.

  • Credit Notes

    Offer adjustment and refundable credit notes for recurring invoices when there are chargebacks, writeoffs or a subscription change. Have a clean record for filing tax returns.

  • Calendar Billing

    Decide which day you want to charge your customer irrespective of when they sign up. Personalize renewal dates for customers based on their requests.

  • Recurring payments

    Integrates with popular payment gateways and methods for your business to securely accept recurring payments, both online and offline. Make it easy for your customers to pay you, so there are no excuses to drop-off.

  • Payment Methods

    Our Platform lets you accept recurring payments from your customers with their choice of payment method. Reach new markets globally, scale your business and increase conversions.

  • Payment Gateways

    Choose from 20+ payment gateways for recurring payment processing. Quickly start accepting payments online while we take care of security and customer payment experience.

Revenue Recovery

  • Dunning Management

    Monitor credit card declines, reduce churn and recover lost revenue with our dunning capabilities. Minimize payment failures with smart payment retries, automatic card updater and custom dunning email notifications.

  • Backup Payment Method

    Configure multiple payment modes as well as backup payment methods such as PayPal, or Braintree, along with your primary payment method to ensure guaranteed revenue.

Go Globally

  • Multi currency,Multi–language

    Facilitate global transactions at scale with a great deal of personalization. B2wtechs’s multi-language and multicurrency payment support allows your customer to pay in their local currencies and takes you closer to winning the global susbcription game.

  • Global tax profiles

    Global tax rules are constantly evolving. Don't be burdened by messy tax compliance invoicing rules. Let us automate the tax management depending on where you are selling.

  • Intelligent Routing

    Facilitate global transactions at scale. Connect multiple accounts of the same payment gateway with the Smart Routing feature. Configure rules for automatically picking a gateway account based on the payment method that the customer chooses and the currency of the transaction.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Revenue history

    Revenue history sits on top of our billing system for an end-to-end subscription analytics and intelligence. Benefit from access to over 80+ custom reports, role-specific dashboards, shareable reports, threshold alerts, and goal tracking, besides a comprehensive subscription billing service.

  • Subscription Metrics

    Track how your subscriptions, product catalog, and revenue, impact each other to drive your growth. Dive into the deepest granularity of your subscription metrics to make calculated decisions.