A systematic approach to obtaining, storing and profiting from non capital assets ( raw materials and finished goods),
The right stock, at the right level, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost

HighLighted Features

  • Automated Inventory Monitor

    The automatic inventory gives an insight on how the companies can change the face of this whole wide world by using eliminating the use of any of the inventory checking manually. It also gives a chance for a company to use their manpower and resource somewhere else that is again a plus point for any firm.

  • Increase productivity

    do the different task at the same time which will increase their rate of productivity. Even a facility manager gets a chance to keep a track of a product in real-time without even putting efforts manually. Everything is just a click away or a pocket away from them

  • Machine Learning

    Machine-learning makes the tasks easier to analyse bulk data with accuracy and improve the forecasting of demand and supply chain. Earlier, it was difficult to come up with exact prediction but with the help of Machine learning, AI knows the exact value of supply chain through which it sends out the order with precision.

  • Order & Fulfillment

    sync orders from multiple sales channels with inventory and accounting to boost business efficiency

  • Data House

    keep all your customer and supplier database on cloud , back up and store purchase and order histories with client specific insights

  • Smart Intelligence

    create and generate perfect sales , inventory , business analytics reports and predict or forecast for best business decisions in real time

  • Visibility and control

    AI inventory offers control over inventory , provide deep vision in business performance

  • Increase Sales

    we create tools to engage with more customers and more prospects

  • Manage Time

    Automate time eating tasks so you can focus on building your brand to reach great heights

  • Smart Work

    Entire inventory , order and purchase data is backed up, synced and secured on cloud so you can retrieve everything with 2 way authentication