AI powered online Meeting Appoinment Application

Hold online meetings and fix appoinments from anywhere/anytime
Through calendar with single application to collaborate easily in real time through audio and video

HighLighted Features

  • Book your meetings on cloud

    Launch/invite/schedule meetings from your browser/app anytime anywhere

  • Meet instantly, or plan ahead

    Set up meetings and send email invitations with detailed descriptions and agendas.

    When quick decisions are needed, conduct instant meetings from anywhere, in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy scheduling, RSVP, and email notifications

    Meet instantly, or plan ahead

    Embed meeting links

    Email reminders

  • Book through mobile




Notifications and Reminders

✔ Customizable Text reminders and notifications

✔ Auto confirmation, reminder rescheduling and cancellation emails

✔ SMS gateway (Twilio, Clickatell, Hoiio, Nexmo, ScreenMagic)


✔ Portal sign-up for customers

✔ Booking page hosted in your domain

✔ Mobile apps for admin and staff

✔ Mobile apps for admin and staff

✔ Collect notes on bookings

✔ Change in-app text

✔ Add custom fields to booking form


✔ View client history

✔ Remove client data

✔ Team management

✔ Grant team access

✔ Pooled availability for teams

✔ Booking reassignment