On Demand Applications

Taxi Booking app

Looking for Best Taxi Booking Apps in India? Gone are those days when people waited to rickshaw to travel inside city, now the globlization changed the face of indian business. In the quick span of years, taxi services has became the major transportation medium in many cities. In India, taxi booking apps are making millions of turnover which listed as one of the major growing industry.

Grocery App

There was a time when we have to prepare a long grocery list of needed things, have to schedule a day, visiting shops, spending time and returning home tired. But the time is different now. The mobile world has completely changed the scenario. Mobile applications are playing their roles everywhere.

Grocery App

Moreover, with Pharmacy ecommerce website development at such a fast rate, people are opting to go online for all their needs. The reason is the ease and comfort that they get by doing their shopping online. Little by little, all the products are available in the online market. And now, with pharmacies going online, it becomes all the more imperative to bring about innovation in everything that we do for app development for pharmacy.

Food Delivery App

Ever since the Postmates-on-demand food delivery business model has launched, it has completely revolutionized the traditional approach. As an on-demand food delivery application conveniently allows your customers to get their ordered foods delivered from their home, office or wherever they are.

Features of On-demand


✔ Login page

✔ Social Logins

✔ Navigation

✔ Lists & Categories

✔ Chat & Call options

✔ Payment gateways

✔ Time scheduler

✔ Favorites

✔ User panel

✔ Referrals & Offers

✔ Helps & FAQs

✔ Order history

✔ Push Notifications

✔ Reviews & Ratings

✔ Newsletters Subscription

✔ Email & SMS notification

Admin Dashboard

✔ Highly Managed admin panel

✔ Outline and Statistics

✔ Admin panel(CMS Software)

✔ Admin End Notification

✔ Server time zone selection

✔ Commission Management

✔ Task management panel

✔ Export and Import task with CSV and XLS

✔ ID verification Request

✔ Payment history

✔ Sub admin management

✔ Add/Delete Providers

✔ Add /Delete Users

✔ SEO Integration

✔ Request management

✔ Content management tool

✔ Email and SMS Integration

Service providers

✔ Categories And List

✔ Inventory management

✔ Invoice Management

✔ Live tracker

✔ Push Notification

✔ Request & Cancellation

✔ Reports & Analysis

✔ Tax & commission management

✔ Providers Dashboard

✔ Review Analysis